by Melinda Burmeister


CalendarWatch: Injects a bit of colour into your day

denkwerk has a surprise for its customers and friends this Christmas with a stylish iOS/Android application: CalendarWatch visualises appointments at a glance and gives a structure to the design of your day. The colourful App eliminates the need for boring standard calendars and is always up to date. The calendar was developed by denkwerk’s in-house innovation lab, thinx.

CalendarWatch connects to your desired calendar and shows how busy you are on a particular day in a pie-shaped graphic. The principle: triangular “pie slices” in various sizes symbolise your appointments. This allows users to see at a glance how busy they are on a particular day and where they are still free – like on the face of a 24-hour clock. Appointments can be created, modified or deleted from the App (Android: Version 4.0 and above) and are automatically synchronised with the linked calendar. One particular highlight: switch the vibrant colour schemes around by shaking your smartphone. It really is great fun. Finally, the end of grey, boring calendar boxes – round and colourful is the “in thing” and you can look forward to a new combination of colours every day.

The App is available free-of-charge for Android and iOS.
Download here:
> Android version
> iOS version


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