by Jochen Schlaier


denkwerk thinx has arrived

As we recently reported, we have been making a few organizational changes at denkwerk of late. We’re currently revamping the ground floor. And we’ve also started work on another entirely new project that you’ll certainly be hearing more about over the next few weeks and months: denkwerk thinx. 

Our ground floor is currently being revamped

We have been doing a lot of work on the development of digital products and services of late. We’re now setting up our own little laboratory, denkwerk thinx, in which we will be – to put it in an entirely unpretentious way– coming up with new ideas. Useful and positive denkwerk ideas. Hopefully a few peculiar ideas, too. Big and small, thick and thin. Some practical ideas, some objects of media art, a few experimental things. Essentially, it is all about making the digital world more human.

We are currently thinking about how we can use everyday objects to generate digital input. And how people’s digital data can be presented. For example in a manner that reads your tweets out to you in real time. It might sound a bit far-fetched. But the corresponding prototype is pretty effective already.

Tweet reader at prototype stage

Talking of prototypes. Obviously, we can’t, and don’t always want to, make everything that we develop public knowledge right away. But when we do, then you can be sure that the idea works. And not just as a Vimeo video. But in the real world, too. So keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming. And when it comes, we look forward to your feedback, opinions and suggestions.


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  2. […] denkwerk has a surprise for its customers and friends this Christmas with a stylish iOS/Android application: CalendarWatch visualises appointments at a glance and gives a structure to the design of your day. The colourful App eliminates the need for boring standard calendars and is always up to date. The calendar was developed by denkwerk’s in-house innovation lab, thinx. […]

  3. […] on Twitter and Instagram, in addition to many new photos on Flickr. A video will follow, and with denkwerk thinx we will of course still be pursuing some idea or other. More to come shortly. […]

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