Psychologische Sicherheit

Psychological Safety is Key

/ Nina Rheinheimer

Google was on a quest for the formula that makes up a perfect team and found that one factor was particularly important: psychological safety. At our creative breakfast, Santi Perez explained what exactly it is and showed the connection between emotions and good team work.

Mach was draus - Retrospektive

Surfing through Cologne’s agencies

/ Sophia Köster

Sophia Koster spent the last three months as an “agency surfer” in Cologne. In her testimonial, she gives us a behind the scenes look at what she saw and learned during this time.

KITT Sprachinterface

Voice interfaces: friend or foe?

/ Charlotte Block

Voice user interfaces seem to be everywhere today, but the role they will play in most peoples’ lives still remains to be seen. To unlock the full potential of this technology, it’s important to look at how people use them and handle their shortcomings.

KF mit Marc Hassenzahl

Designing for Humans

/ Bianca Gockel

Paving the way for individual happiness and well-being is a truly abstract goal when designing interactive technologies. However, Dr. Marc Hassenzahl has devoted himself to this and making the emotional user a top priority.


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