Sprint with us: Glessen runs – and so does denkwerk

"Our charity event is usually dedicated to promoting sports in our town. But through current events we see the important things in life. Sport connects. That's another reason why I'm happy that so many colleagues from denkwerk are running again this year, or stopping by for a piece of cake."

Thomas Kierdorf Organisational Team, ,Glessen läuft‘ & denkwerk empolyee
  • 2015

    'Glessen läuft' (runs) has been taking place since 2015. Only once the running event at the gates of Cologne was cancelled.

  • 7th May 2022

    The day is all about family: beer, fries and cake are available for refreshment before, during and after the runs.

  • 1.200 m

    The Children's Olympics is aimed at young running enthusiasts. The course for "the little ones" is 1.2 km - followed by the 5 km run, which is also available as a walking course.

  • 21.500 m

    The longest run is over the half marathon distance of 21.5 km. Just under half of the distance is to be completed in the 10 km 'Volkslauf'.

  • Waldstadion

    The start and finish for all runs starting of 5 km or more is the 'Waldstadion' in the Glessen Forest.

Who organizes 'Glessen läuft' (runs)?

The organizer of the running event 'Glessen läuft' is the TSV With over 500 active members, the TSV is the largest club in Glessen and thus also one of the largest clubs in the Erftkreis. The SC Schwarz-Gelb Glessen and the Förderverein Sportplatz Glessen e.V. are also involved in the organization of the event.