Struggly is the clearing house at dda23

"We mega-celebrated Struggly on the jury. Why? Because Struggly is a mega platform, a super innovation! There has been e-learning for over 10 years in Germany – and we have never seen anything like this. It's so, so intuitive, so well done, and you have fun learning math."

Anke Herbener #dda23 jury member

The jury of the German Digital Awards was impressed by the creative implementation and innovative idea behind "Struggly". They said the app managed to make mathematics appealing and entertaining for a young target group, while at the same time promoting learning. "All the kids we showed the app to played it and loved it. And didn't stop playing," BVDW Vice President Herbener further explained in her pre-recorded video message for the award. Particular emphasis was placed on the clear user orientation as well as the didactically sensible concept that addresses the needs of learners. The "Struggly" app proves that mathematics does not have to be boring and that digital learning platforms make an important contribution to education. The success of "Struggly" will hopefully help even more students find joy in learning mathematics and thus improve their chances for a successful future.

4 x Shortlist makes 3 x Gold and 1 x Bronze

In the category "Website - stationary & mobile" with the four subcategories "Idea/Innovation", "User Experience/Usabilty" and "Content" as well as "Visual Design" our product made it onto this year's shortlist. This resulted in 3 gold honors from the jury and one bronze. Many thanks for this - and thanks to everyone in the team!