Fast Forward Change

We develop ideas, provide purpose, and tap into lucrative fields of business. We have many years’ experience in establishing start-ups and digital innovation teams, and we combine that with our knowledge of the market. Simultaneously, we function as a digital speedboat, or provide a helpful jump start – or act as an entrepreneurial partner. Our goal is to put new business models and first-rate products into motion in record time.

  • denkwerk and TÜV Rheinland: user research and insight discovery


    We identify new potential, develop ideas, and validate the business model. We get involved in the business plan and MVP while also looking after the development of the team and sustainable strategies for growth and marketing.

  • denkwerk_x – developing products and solutions in the incubator


    With denkwerk_x we support companies and founders not only with expertise and specialist knowledge, but also as an entrepreneurial partner. To this end, we define goals and responsibilities, share costs and/or take care of the funding.

Our process

  • Discover


    Visioning & Foresight

    Ideate & Explore

    Business Modell

    Proof of concept

  • Icon-2.svg?h=250

    Strategy & Business Plan

    Advisory & Mentoring


    Funding & Pitch

  • Scale


    MVP development


    Growth & Performance


Our process provides a flexible foundation for identifying problems, finding solution prototypes, and testing and further optimizing them directly. Our goal? To create something truly new, with unique added value.

  • Do you want to explore your digital business potential with us?

  • Do you have an idea that needs to be developed into a prototype and business model?

  • Do you already have a digital product that might need optimization?

Let us talk directly to each other and find the right approach together.