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AI Workshop – from Experience to Ideas

Sticky Notes: AI-Exploration Workshop at denkwerk
AI-Exploration Workshop at denkwerk

Artificial intelligence is a difficult subject. Many companies struggle with the idea of tackling this new topic. As a consulting agency, we help our clients develop. Our AI-Exploration Workshop puts the focus on your company, uncovers its potential and the opportunities of AI, and shows how that company can gain market relevance.

Participants profit from the AI expertise of us and our partners. During the workshop, they acquire sound knowledge about the possibilities of AI. Together, we identify the key challenges facing the company and evaluate the relevance of AI against this backdrop.

AI is a tool, neither good nor bad. It’s up to us to use it properly. If we don’t, others will.

Stephan Clasen Technical Director, denkwerk

To complement the material on AI, we offer preliminary, extensive research that reveals relevant insights into the contextual factors impacting your business processes. Our cocreative mindset in an interdisciplinary team makes it possible to identify and explore opportunities, leading to well-developed ideas for AI.

Our workshop team is made up of people specializing in different fields. Our research division provides relevant insights and information that concern our client’s business, while our workshop facilitators are experienced service designers and data scientists.

Have a talk with us if you’re interested in an AI-Exploration Workshop.