AI Thinking Framework

Innovation power for AI solutions that are really needed

"Everywhere you can sense the curiosity, accompanied by awe and concern, about the immense potential of artificial intelligence. We have responded to this and developed and applied an enabling concept: first for our employees, later for customers. The goal of AI Thinking is to make artificial intelligence understandable and to integrate it into a responsible framework."

Miriam Schmalen Lead Service Designer at denkwerk

AI thinking: from the basic understanding of a technology to the practical implementation of customized AI solutions

The AI Thinking Framework is an approach developed at denkwerk. It helps to build a cross-company understanding of AI and to enable a demand-oriented and critical use of AI.

The approach is based on the principle of design thinking, which places the needs and challenges of users at the center of developments. Approach is building shared understanding, exploration and ideation, prototyping and testing. In our AI Thinking Framework, these phases are called: Explore, Ideate, Create and build up as follows:

  • The Explore Phase

    The Explore phase lays the foundation for a cross-company understanding of AI. Within a crash course, the basics of AI are taught. The course consists of different modules – impulse lecture, knowledge platform with resource pool and guidelines as well as exercises and team tasks – which can be orchestrated depending on the goal, group size and time frame. A critical and ethically responsible approach to AI is particularly important to us, so we convey the possibilities of AI, but also the limitations and risks. With the help of the built up AI understanding, a qualified exchange between different areas is enabled. After a broad overview of the AI ecosystem, relevant topics are focused. Thus, a first idea is gained for the own case of need.

  • The Ideate Phase

    The Ideate phase is similar to a design thinking workshop. In this phase, we encourage innovative, demand-driven thinking and multidisciplinary collaboration. Collaborative brainstorming sessions generate individual AI ideas based on identified user needs. The feedback from IT? Overcoming the usual limitations of technical thinking and premature assessments. The result in Ideation was the exploration of entirely new possibilities for AI applications. With the Ideate phase, the full potential of artificial intelligence is exploited. Output is numerous, customized ideas for AI solutions.

  • The Create Phase

    The Create phase focuses on developing a Proof of Concept (PoC) to quickly validate the ideas and make them tangible. A PoC makes it possible to test the feasibility of the ideas and evaluate the economic viability of the concept in a detailed cost-benefit analysis. With a successful PoC and an appropriate evaluation and presentation, no major obstacles stand in the way of implementing the idea.

The meaningful and innovative development of AI solutions requires coordinated interaction between different areas: IT, business and design. Designers play a key role here by linking the development process and exchange between individual departments and providing creative impetus. Close collaboration with IT experts and business specialists makes it possible to create AI solutions that are not only technically outstanding, but also ethically responsible and economically successful.

Let's shape the future together and develop AI solutions with real benefits. Solutions that enrich the lives of all people and advance society!