Artificial Intelligence Explained for Humans

AI – a small word that means bigger and bigger things in the world of technology. Let us preface this first by saying we are nowhere near advanced enough for intelligent machines to take over the planet, so no need to worry. Technical Director Stephan Clasen is familiar with the human intelligence behind our AI projects and can attest to everything these machines are capable of. He is an expert in the field and just recently developed an AI with cluster recognition for a live-bicycle provider (no spoilers here!).

You might be asking yourself, “AI?” “Cluster recognition?” We’ll clue you in. In our DeBuzzed post, Stephan explains to you the most important subjects and terms related to AI, provides insights into different applications of artificial intelligence, shows where the benefits are, and makes one of the most crucial technology buzzwords accessible in layman’s terms. So, if you want to know what the significance and difference between strong and weak AI are, how you teach a self-learning system to learn in the first place, and what that means for our society, then treat yourself to five minutes and forty-three seconds of expert knowledge without any buzzword bingo.