denkwerk receives SEO quality certificate from BVDW for the 5th time in a row

"With the abundance of agencies, clients are not clear who can do SEO and who only talks about SEO. The BVDW certification is regarded in the SEO cosmos as a measurable and excellent sign of quality and strengthens the trust between our clients and denkwerk."

Benjamin Kirsche Lead Digital Marketing & Analytics at denkwerk

Our main goal is to provide our clients with the best possible advice and to design SEO strategies that increase performance and maximize success. To ensure that our sustainable and serious work is visible, we apply for the SEO Quality Certificate of the BVDW every two years.

From application to evaluation

A prerequisite for the application is the signing of the so-called "Code of Conduct" Search Engine Optimization, the self-commitment to comply with stipulated quality standards. Only then will the actual application be reviewed. The components of the application are:

  • SEO expertise and sales volume

  • 5 evidences of staff qualification, professional article, professional lecture and workshop

  • Naming of 3 contacts for customer satisfaction survey

  • Description of 2 reference projects

A Person presents the new SEO quality certificate of the BVDW for denkwerk - 2023-25

Our work was checked by the BVDW - and in June followed the evaluation: We made it! The prerequisite for this was to pass all the areas presented above with at least 80%. The quality certificate for search engine optimization is valid until June 2025. Until then, we continue to question and measure our quality and stay up to date.

The Logo BVDW SEO quality certificate - valid until June 2025 for denkwerk

Starting with the question if SEO is worthwhile for your company, up to the implementation - we advise you gladly. We have aroused your interest in SEO?