Effie Awards

Silver premiere!

“There are apps for all areas of life that make our everyday lives easier – ironically, not for mobile phone contracts themselves. Here, it takes offers, websites, hotlines, stores, effort and a lot of patience. Our goal was and is to make mobile easier. A customer-centric user experience is our bet on growth here - and it has worked. A big part of that experience is based primarily on referrals from fraenk users through the fraenk for friends feature.”

Katrin Thelen Brand Manager at fraenk

Our task as lead agency: delightfully diverse. Everything was involved, from brand development and design conception to product world and feature support, communications strategy and campaign development.

With fraenk, we have developed a one-word brand identity that starts with the naming and extends to all areas of the brand. It shapes the appearance of all measures. No frills, no big emotions, no empty promises. Instead, clear communication and comprehensible texts – from the OoH motif to the contract documents.

"What's special about fraenk is that the brand is the product and the product is the brand. The success of our collaboration is based on the unprecedented collaboration and dovetailing of these two areas."

Florian Schimmer Executive Creative Director at denkwerk

And our success proves us right: fraenk was the 57th brand to be launched in a saturated market - and is now the best-rated mobile app in Germany, with 4.7 stars in the App and Play Store. It has won several awards for its user experience and accompanying communication measures. On top of this, in September the fraenk app achieved first place in the overall ranking of all mobile tariffs (Handelsblatt). A more than worthy silver premiere for fraenk and denkwerk!