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Fluid Typography – How we optimize fonts for all screen sizes

"We have viewports and multidimensional websites. It's not a clear-cut thing with four or five breakpoints that we have to look at. No: a lot is changing - and Fluid Typography can help to create a better product."

Tobias Sindek Web Developer at denkwerk

Scott Kellum has done research in the field of fluid typography and even patented it, on the basis of which he founded his service Typetura. Kellum tackled the difficulties caused by the countless screen sizes in web development and came to the conclusion that the optimal viewport does not exist.

Where is the best place to avoid CSS unit viewport width?

Tobias showed that the viewport approach does not always work: The CSS unit viewport width, for example, can be made more flexible using the clamp function. This allows websites to be easily adapted to intermediate sizes. However, this can cause problems with accessibility tools such as a screen magnifier. And even more complex layouts quickly become complex on the code side, as additional CSS rules have to be created. Layouts like in a newspaper, in which the elements are always consistent within themselves and in relation to each other, are difficult to achieve in this way.