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Inclusion: The Accessibility Strengthening Act in the digital space and beyond

"Everyone benefits from an inclusive, barrier-free environment. Companies should use this curb-cut effect to design accessible products and services - and not just for moral reasons. They help open up a wider customer base and, as a matter of course, increase the company's benefits."

René Schaar Associate Head of Equality and Diversity at NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk)

Status quo: accessibility in digital and analog space

How can the law promote inclusion in all areas of life? And what are the current developments – digital and analog – in accessibility? We'll be talking about it on April 18 at LinkedIn Live. Be there! The event will be moderated by Chérine De Bruijn. And as always, you can ask questions before the event, but of course also during and after it. We are looking forward to your interest! Register now.

"The earlier you start and the more holistically you think about it, the easier it will be to make it accessible."

Robert Krämer Technical Director at denkwerk

About our guest: René Schaar

Born in 1992, the son of a single mother and "raised in a female household with mom and grandma". René Schaar has been physically disabled since birth. René is a trained media designer image/sound and editor at NDR (Norddeutscher Rundefunk). He is an inclusion activist, now working as a certified Diversity Manager and Deputy Head of Equality and Diversity at the public broadcaster NDR (Hamburg). In collaboration with his employer, he developed the character "Elin" for Sesame Street and collaborates on the scripts. In an honorary capacity, he is involved with ahoi e.V., a self-advocacy association for people with disabilities.

About our LinkedIn Live lecture series

Focus on hot topics and trends – live and with experts: that's denkwerk's LinkedIn Live Lecture Series. Moderator Chérine De Bruijn leads the expert talks – sometimes with guests, sometimes with expertise from our own ranks. The talk will be in German.
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