Employee retention

Rethinking employer branding: Focus on satisfaction and health

Laura Dückers, Lead Organisational Strategy & Culture at denkwerk, on the podium with other panelists at NGT22. Photo: © Aschoffotografie Bastian Géza Aschoff

Even before the pandemic reared its ugly head, we were aware of the importance of focusing on organizational strategy and our corporate culture. For more than a year, we have been focusing on workplace culture in talent management – with a dedicated team.

Laura Dückers, Lead Organisational Strategy & Culture at denkwerk talks Employer Branding at NGT22. Photo: © Aschoffotografie Bastian Géza Aschoff

Our focus in the core team is on the satisfaction and health of the employees at denkwerk. We have conducted internal research and discussed in workshops how to make working at denkwerk even better: how can we positively influence the workload and mental health of our colleagues? After the testing and evaluation phase, we are now sharing our experience at conferences and in webinars.

NGT22 – Employer branding and tech talent

Laura Dückers is Lead of Organizational Strategy & Culture at denkwerk and was on the panel at this year’s NGT22, the Next Generation Telekom event. NGT22 is Deutsche Telekom’s (DTAG) largest knowledge exchange and networking event for highly qualified young talent around the world. The focus was on ‘Employer Branding and Tech Talents’. Laura spoke with Sonja Weddeling (Chapter Lead Recruiting, DTAG), Sören Schmidt (CPO & Tribe Lead MPathic, DTAG) and Nouran Elsherbiny (Digital Marketing Manager and Chief Tomorrow Officer, DTAG) about current recruiting trends as well as employer branding with a focus on Gen Z. And, most importantly, the participants also discussed employee retention. The main take-away from this panel for us was that we should hire employees based on attitude, help them to develop their skills over time, offer them future prospects and, above all, be a good role model for our own colleagues.

On the Keynote Stage with Urban Sports Club at ZP Europe

At the Zukunft Personal Europe conference, Laura will be speaking on the topic of ‘Corporate Health Management’. Together with Benjamin Roth (CEO and Co-Founder, Urban Sports Club), she will discuss the importance of promoting health in the workplace on the Keynote Stage. They will also explore answers to the following questions: Is it the employer’s responsibility to create a healthy working environment? And in what framework can this environment be enabled by the employer? Under the title ‘Corporate Health Management: How companies can address the individual needs of their employees’, you will find Laura Dückers and Benjamin Roth in the program schedule.

“Companies need to think more about the mental health of their employees. Our sports offering with Urban Sports Club is just one of many ways we want to counteract the mental strain on our employees.”

Laura Dückers Lead Organisational Strategy & Culture at denkwerk

Due to the pandemic, we have been facing seemingly insurmountable hurdles in recent years. How we tackled these and integrated our solutions into our daily work will be revealed on the Keynote Stage of ZP Europe (September 13, 2022, 1:00 pm). Without giving too much away, we have already seen a lot of positive side effects of our measures such as increased satisfaction and the minimization of stressful work and everyday situations for our employees.

Mental health measures and employee retention

In addition to our sports BeneFIT, it is particularly important to us to be able to offer all our colleagues mental support. Sporting activities are not the only way we can support our employees. Time will tell what advantages the other denkwerk benefits have already brought in the first half of the year in terms of overall workflow and teamwork, and how they can be used in the best possible way...

Above all, we want to live up to our guiding principle #createpositivechange: denkwerk’s goal is to offer potential new employees a workplace that offers healthy and attractive prospects – with a holistic approach to employee retention. We firmly believe that this is the only way to remain competitive in a crowded market. Further measures are being prepared to retain new and existing employees.

By participating in panels and other events, we aim to share our best practices.