Start-up Workshop

Positive change with the SINGA Business Lab

RheinEnergie: a website relaunch with an agile mind-set
RheinEnergie: the utility company’s new website.

"At denkwerk, we aim to create positive change - for people, companies and the world we live in. Our motto #CreatePositiveChange accompanies us in all our deliberations. Through our collaboration with SINGA, we are making a strong case for a diverse and open society that enables everyone to develop their talents and potential."

Jochen Schlaier Managing Director

Creating a brand: Marketing and Branding our Workshop Focus

In the workshop module "Marketing & Branding", the founders go through the process from the company idea to creating a new brand. denkwerk leads the workshop and provides the participants with visual designers as their support buddies.

The first steps are to sharpen the already developed customer profile for the future company and to decide which marketing channels should be used to reach the potential customers. In addition, the focus is on working out the unique selling proposition: What features distinguish the products from those of the competitors? The question of why the world absolutely needs these products and what added value they could offer potential customers is also part of the journey from company to brand.

The next step is the visual elaboration. Together, a mood board is created that expresses aspects of the company or products pictorially and from which a possible color palette is derived. For inspiration, both pictorial symbols and fonts are collected and brand name and claim are considered. In the exploration phase, the logo is developed and applied as a digital business card.

In the end, the founders build the basis of their business stationery themselves and are equipped with brand-strategic insights that will be useful for their further entrepreneurial activities from now on.

Start-up Workshop: Positive change with the SINGA Business Lab - Marketing part with denkwerk
denkwerk content singa workshop marketing: create positive change

The (co-)work in the cooperation of denkwerk employees with SINGA, for example as a mentor:in, is voluntary. For this area, we create free space for our team within working hours to prepare workshops and mentoring. For us, this social and voluntary commitment is another step towards more sustainability. With our probono participation, we promote diversity and also expand the social skills of our employees. Because with their enthusiasm, all participants carry the concept into society - in this way, we actively shape diversity. And in doing so, we share our vision of #CreatePositiveChange.

About our partner SINGA Germany

SINGA is a global movement. It brings locals and newcomers together to engage in social, professional and entrepreneurial projects. SINGA is committed to an open society that enables everyone to develop their talents and potential. SINGA Deutschland has two locations in Berlin and Stuttgart.

Since 2018, SINGA Stuttgart has been offering the Business Lab by SINGA. This is a five-month entrepreneurship program for and with newcomers and companies. More than 60 individuals with international histories received support in starting innovative and sustainable businesses through workshops, coaching and mentoring. This enables their networking with local actors to promote a social and sustainable society. The next round has already started in January 2022. denkwerk is on board as an active partner. Further activities will follow ...