denkwerk receives the BVDW SEO quality certificate for the 4th time

"During pitch presentations and also with our existing clients, we use the SEO certificate to show that we do our work cleanly and conscientiously. We disclose our working methods so that our clients can see where we stand together at every stage of the project and they can understand our performance."

Robert Krämer Technical Director, denkwerk
The two logos of the BVDW - Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e. V.: Quality Certificate SEO - Onpage and Strategy - and the Code of Conduct SEO 2.0

The BVDW Code of Conduct of the Search Focus Group is the introduction to 'clean' and comprehensible work for agencies that offer search engine optimization. The holders of the SEO certificate undergo an anonymous audit by an independent group of experts.

Signing the Code of Conduct and adhering to the values set out there is the first step in applying for the SEO certificate at the BVDW.


Three anonymous and real projects are put through their paces by the independent expert group. This project work is the deciding factor in passing..


Up to eight clients are also anonymously surveyed by the BVDW about their satisfaction with the services provided.

"Few know how much you have to know to know how little you know."

Werner Heisenberg Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner

How can success in the field of SEO be measured?

The Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. (BVDW) has been dealing with the question "How can success in the field of SEO be measured?” For this reason, with the SEO quality certificate, a procedure was developed that scrutinizes the work of SEO providers in an independent examination process that is comprehensible to all.

The exact algorithms of the search engines are secret. This inevitably results in a certain fuzziness in determining the measures for optimization. This vagueness sometimes offers the opportunity to fill these information gaps with prognoses and divinations that are hardly or not at all fulfillable. If you belong to the group of "specialists" who accept the morning coffee ground as a valid basis for data, we would like to work with our clients to create a clear picture and realistic goals.

With our involvement in the Search focus group, we would like to focus even more on SEO in the areas of strategy, onpage and offpage.

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