New client – Relaunch

DFL Media Portal Sportcast receives modernization

"The time was ripe for a technical modernization of our media portal, which would also facilitate our interaction with all users of the portal. In denkwerk, we found a partner who convinced us not only in technical terms, but also with regard to agile collaboration right from the start."

Christoph Forster Head of DFL Media Hub at Sportcast GmbH

Why a technical modernization? Sportcast would like the cooperation of licensed national and international media partners, clubs, DFL stakeholders, editors and third-party customers such as e.g. B. strengthen the DFB. The highlight: The changes are not directly visible to end customers, but all the more so in the frontend and in functional quick wins!

beginnings don't have to be difficult

denkwerk and Sportcast worked closely together to analyze the requirements for the planned relaunch: the current technical set-up based on AngularJS (TypeScript-based front-end web application framework) was scrutinized and a new technical framework was defined. This also included replacing Angular with switching to React – a JavaScript software library that provides a framework for the output of user interface components from websites. The new implementation of the media portal in version 3.0 is based on the existing functionalities and UI/UX of the front end. The entire implementation of the relaunch took place in an agile framework based on Scrum.