Conference – IxDA22

Learning languages and overcoming barriers with interaction design

“The pandemic has collapsed our boundaries between work and home. And ignited new conversations around inclusion and equity. We’ll talk about what it means to be human-centred in these challenging times.“

interaction-design-association-IxDA: Part of the presentation - Miro Board

We were happy to be participating in this pillar about caring for ourselves and our teams, and introducing the global audience to our internal initiative, denklisch.

Josi  Longhi Siqueira and Molly Oberholtzer (r.) as speaker at IxDA22

With 19% of our team members coming from around 20 different countries, diversity is a part of who we are as a company, it brings us a great mix of languages and cultures but also ends up creating a bit of a language barrier.

"Denklisch – The game" is a collaborative language learning game that brings language practice closer to the working routine. With weekly check-ins and daily challenges, the game brings learners together and challenges participants to practice a bit every day, in fun and unexpected ways, getting not only a reason to practice, but also the right people to do it with.

At denkwerk we believe in practicing what we preach, and creating positive change not only for our clients but also inside the agency for our own team. During these perilous times, we hope we can all take the time to look inward, and develop not just purposeful employee experiences, but also meaningful and intentional communities.

If you want to learn more, check out our Case: "Denklisch - The Game".