"Bye bye, Link in Bio!" – Share links on Instagram: denkwerk launches Mojilink app

Ⓜ️ – Use Mojilink instead of "Link in Bio"

denkwerk has now developed the solution with Mojilink via the in-house incubator denkwerk_x: This way, billions of user:s worldwide can bypass the problem and replace the alternative to the "Link in Bio" reference for each post with emojis.
Back in the early days of denkwerk, we developed a social bookmarking tool – oneview. Then, as now, we quickly entered the world of social networks. But a far-reaching use of the platforms from the user's point of view is not given for various reasons ...

For the vast majority of users, it is not possible to place a working link in an Instagram post or in a video on TikTok. The problem: If you want to set a link, this is linked to some conditions. For example, the number of followers. Or you have to dig deep into your wallet and rely on paid media. Sharing and remembering links is a key function for the entire customer journey. From now on, photo and video platforms no longer have to do without links in their own content. Complicated and expensive was yesterday: With Mojilink, Link Stickers or the Swipe-up function for setting a link are a thing of the past.

Instagram link with Ⓜ️Mojilink

With the iOS app (Android version coming soon), URLs can be easily linked with a sequence of emojis generated by the app or chosen by the user. If the resulting Mojilink - easily recognizable by the Ⓜ️ emoji - is then copied and posted in the caption of a post, any other user inside the Mojilink app can open the linked URL via the "Share with ... Mojilink" function of Instagram or TikTok. The linked URL opens in a flash over the currently active app. Users don't have to switch apps to do this.

Ⓜ️-Emoji clears the way

Mojilink Co-Founder Dominic Müller came up with the technical functionality. He and Fabian Pensel, Executive Creative Director at denkwerk, worked out the concept together. The two creatives presented the idea in a pitch after creating the extended basic concept. denkwerk_x invested in the development. Now denkwerk will distribute the app Mojilink as a product globally.

The concept is interesting for brands that want to offer their users exclusive content or link to editorial content. The team also has other user groups in mind: Media companies, for example, will have the opportunity to quickly and easily direct users to their own platforms.

For denkwerk, Mojilink is also the first launch of the in-house incubator denkwerk_x. "With Mojilink and other products in the pipeline, we are returning to our roots: building and distributing digital products," explains Marco Zingler, Managing Director of denkwerk. Jochen Schlaier, Dreative Managing Director at denkwerk, adds, "The fact that we suddenly have a tool here with the potential to add real value and tickle the big platforms a bit is of course super exciting – exactly our thing!"

The topic 'links in social networks' has occupied me for a long time. It was clear that Mojilink should theoretically work. The information is all there. Just like that. So when our app in the test stage opened the first Mojilink - eureka! But we're not at the end yet; the list of ideas for further development is long.

Dominic Müller Co-Founder Mojilink

Power to the people!
Musicians can link their YouTube channels, artists can sell their art and hey, users who just want to garnish their posts with a cat video via Mojilink or share a playlist – here you go! And that even internationally understandable!

Fabian Pensel Executive Creative Director, denkwerk & Mojilink Co-Founder