denkwerk TechTalk

Knowledge sharing and internal training

“Our talks are meant to spark interest, create inspiration and give us mutual insights into what the other tech teams at denkwerk are doing."

Alexander Tilp Technical director at denkwerk

Diversity through free choice of topics

Within the TechTalk format, the choice of topics is free for our employees. In addition to web design topics such as accessible forms, our experts regularly present interesting knowledge areas. From app building with Flutter, website creation using Tailwind, the use of the frontend workshop Storybook, to a deeper understanding of neural networks and AI, to topics such as spam protection or the efficient use of the command line. The denkwerk TechTalk offers theoretical and practical knowledge, imparted in-house in a relaxed setting.

The targeted exchange of expertise within the framework of the TechTalk enables the professionals at denkwerk to reflect on existing knowledge and deepen it by passing it on. At the same time, the participants of the TechTalk benefit from a broadening of their technical horizons, which strengthens the competence and collaboration of in-house technology.

TechTalk and Customer Value

Of course, our clients also benefit from our TechTalk and its opportunities for technical exchange: the strengthened technical competence helps to plan and implement elegant and cost-effective solutions for our clients at any time. In this way, our TechTalk not only benefits the further development of our technical department – but ultimately also you.