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The Role of designers in AI-Driven Innovation

"The role of designers is to bring together different disciplines. They bridge the gap between technology and users needs."

Katharina Withelm Senior Experience Designer at denkwerk

A deep understanding of context and design is crucial here to provide meaningful instructions for AI tasks. The quality of the results depends heavily on the designers and their ability to clearly articulate requirements. AI can provide valuable support in the design process, but human judgment remains essential.

Design for AI - The design of AI solutions.

When developing AI-based innovations, it is particularly important to ensure that AI solutions take a human-centered approach and address real needs. The problem to be solved must first be clearly defined in order to make informed decisions about the use of AI. AI just for the sake of AI must not be an option.

"The lively discussion after our presentation showed that other designers are also looking for their role in the AI context."

Paul van der Veen Service Designer at denkwerk

Our role as designers

In addition to the task of making ideas tangible so that they can be tested and evaluated at an early stage, designers are the interface between different disciplines in the development process in interdisciplinary teams. As a driving force, they need to develop a better understanding of the limitations and functionalities of AI on the one hand and bridge the gap between technology and human-centric perspectives on the other.

How exactly we are already implementing these insights internally at denkwerk in our "AI Thinking Framework" and which AI projects we are currently working on, you will soon find out here. This much we can already reveal team collaboration and accessibility play a major role.