Choosing the right tool for the right job

“Team and expertise is a big issue when choosing a technology for us.”

Nikolas Voll-Gander Senior Software Developer at denkwerk

Good SEO inclusive?

Then we were rebuilding our company website and we thought that for this particular project we have a bit different requirements than our other projects. This website needs good SEO, better rendering time than our previous heavy website with a lot design components, will mostly get and show data with a very limited interaction, will host a blog section as well. So, considering all of these, we picked NuxtJS for the project as it offers a good building block for server-side-rendering which solves a lot of the issues related with SEO and gives us all of the flexibility of VueJS framework. Also, as most of the data for the website are kind of static and hardly changes, we thought it would be wiser to use a service like Contentful to store all our data which removed the need to build a backend api service on our own. This reduces the maintenance cost and effort of the project.


So, to summarise this writing, we can say one thing for sure, at denkwerk, we are open to all kind of ideas and technologies and we emphasize a lot on picking up the right toolset for the right job.