Using Headless CMS – What do I need to know?

Headless and decoupled - these are currently the buzzwords that surround the architecture of modern content management systems and thus distinguish them from "traditional" systems. Those who use a "headless CMS" have digital products available much faster. To the chagrin of the users, the two technical terms do little to understand what makes these modern CMS different. And why they can mean the future for decision makers and non-technical users.

So that you don't run "headless" into your decision, we help with the questions "How can this work? And "Is a headless CMS the right product for me?". Our whitepaper "How the next generation of agile CMS can work for you. The Ultimate Guide to Headless Content Management Systems" will help you make the right decisions and choices.
Everything you need to know about Headless CMS and much more, you can read in our free whitepaper.