The Voice of Reason in W&V

Many brands don’t think about the personality of the character that is talking to somebody. And whether it fits the brand at all.

Alina Schlaier Design Director, denkwerk

However, in voice design, you have to adapt a human way of thinking – because conversation is human.

Imagine you are calling a support hotline. Often, one voice will lead you to another before you finally get to talk to a real person. That means in effect: three voices for the same brand. Pretty confusing for the user.

Alina agrees on the widely shared opinion that only one thing is worse than talking to somebody with no personality: talking to somebody with multiple personalities.

Therefore, it is crucial for a brand to define its tone of voice: Are we the kind of brand that tells jokes? Are we particularly wise? Do we have comebacks or anecdotes to spice up a conversation like a barkeeper?

There is no second chance for a first impression.

Michele Arnese CEO, amp sound branding

The good news is that it’s not too late to tackle the choice of voice and tone. Google, Alexa and Siri are the leading characters in the voice world today. But soon, this will change.

More and more brands have already realized the necessity to act, thus making it more and more challenging in future to stand out from the crowd.

A little comparison: imagine you are designing your logo and have the chance to secure your own color before every single nuance of blue, red or yellow is already in use somewhere else. Those times are over for logo design, but for voice design the time is now.

The voice potential is high and the knowledge about the extent of possibilities rather low. And that is exactly what we want to change with our initiative. As part of that, we offer workshops and individual consulting to help companies and brands to find their very own voice.

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