YOU Foundation

An Interactive Petition for the UN Global Goals

Art4GlobalGoals: Artist Leon Löwentraut
#Art4GlobalGoals: Painting from Leon Löwentraut

The website visitors’ digital brushstrokes appear deceptively real. To realize them, we made hundreds of brushstrokes, scanned them, and digitized them into stamps. Each brushstroke on the website consists of thousands of these individual stamps. To make the stroke appear even more natural, every twenty-fifth stamp is left out. Users can’t paint endlessly as the digital paint starts to run out once a set stroke length is reached – just like with a normal brush and paint. The end result is an exceptional stroke shape.

The Global Goals are one of the greatest opportunities of all time. However, they need attention, especially from young people. Art creates this attention – particularly when it is loud, bold, and passionate, like Leon’s art.

Ute-Henriette Ohoven UNESCO Special Envoy and Founder of YOU Foundation
Art4GlobalGoals: the eighteenth image, created by the website’s visitors

Finally, the collected brushstrokes were transformed into something even bigger: an image made up solely of the users’ brushstrokes. However, this prompted the question of how to mix the colors properly. The solution was to have each paint stamp also identify the color that lay beneath it, with the algorithm then combining everything into the proper mixture ratio.

Art4GlobalGoals: at the exhibition traveling worldwide
Dirk Geuer, gallery owner; Eric Falt, Assistant Director-General at UNESCO Paris; Leon Löwentraut, the artist; and Dr. Ute-Henriette Ohoven

Users from 111 different countries had already contributed with over 131,683 brushstrokes by just a few weeks after the launch. This is how they collectively created the eighteenth image, which can now be seen along with the seventeen images by Leon Löwentraut at the exhibition traveling globally.