Customer service

Digital oasis instead of service desert: new ways to make customers happy

3. Self-service as a field of action

Digital self-service options, in particular chatbots and customer service portals, relieve the burden on service employees, reduce error rates and increase customer autonomy. Chatbots offer efficient 24/7 support, while customer service portals enable self-administration for customers.

4. Automation & AI Assistance

The automation of repetitive standard processes and the use of AI in customer service raise service quality to a new level. Automation increases efficiency and employee satisfaction, while AI enables fast, high-quality responses in hotlines and mail processing.

5. Data and key figures as success factors

Effective, cross-divisional communication and systematic KPI management are crucial for a successful customer-centric digital transformation. Data cockpits enable the prompt evaluation of information and improve the quality of operational processes.


The digital transformation of customer service for municipal utilities and regional energy suppliers offers potential through chatbots, digital customer service portals, automation and AI. These tools enable an efficient increase in customer satisfaction and a transformation of the employee role towards more complex advisory tasks. A holistic strategy that takes customer needs and business goals into account is crucial for success in customer service 2.0.

LinkedIn Live Event with Robert Peric

On March 14, Robert Peric (Managing Director of Stadtwerke Bochum, among others) and Sandra Griffel will discuss pitfalls and, above all, tailor-made solutions for customer service in the digital transformation of energy suppliers.

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A portrait of Robert Peric, member of the board at Erenja

About Robert Peric from Erenja

Robert Peric is a member of the management board at Erenja. Together with his staff team, he is primarily responsible for digitalization, online marketing and business area development. He is also increasingly responsible for the energy procurement strategy and Erenja's heating business.

After several years in consulting - partly for large German corporations - his various activities for RWE brought Robert Peric into the energy sector. He has held various positions at Stadtwerke Bochum since 2011. In addition, Peric has been Co-Managing Director of the sales company Stadtwerke Bochum GmbH since January 2024. He has been a member of the management team at Erenja for more than one and a half years. Together with denkwerk, he has driven forward the digital transformation at Erenja and its affiliated companies.

Sandra Griffel is Experience Design Director at denkwerk.

About Sandra Griffel

Sandra Griffel is Experience Design Director at denkwerk. She has many years of experience in the development and implementation of innovative digital products, B2B and B2C services and platforms. Sandra leads interdisciplinary teams in the development of sophisticated, insight-based solutions that align key business drivers with user needs. She is responsible for numerous strategic projects, including for SWR, RheinEnergie, ESPRIT, Bierbaum Prönen and Erenja. She also speaks at local and international meet-ups and conferences and writes articles and white papers on the subject.