In the spotlight: Digital Creativity, Digital Commerce, AI and Customer Journey

Portrait with Stephan Clasen (Technical Director, denkwerk) and Kaan Karaca (CTO, denkwerk). Lecture: "The future of e-commerce: exclusive insights into trends 2023/2024"

Know today what will be "in" tomorrow! In their Lecture, Kaan Karaca and Stephan Clasen talk about omnichannel, hyperpersonalization, green shopping, immersive shopping experiences and social commerce – all highly topical issues that are trending today and tomorrow! In an interview with moderator Chérine de Bruijn, our experts highlight developments and trends for DMEXCO visitors.

Lecture – 20.09.2023 (Time: 10 am, Place: World of E-Commerce"-Stage)

"The future of e-commerce: exclusive insights into trends 2023/2024"

BVDW Guided Tours with denkwerk experts

Visitors to DMEXCO can register free of charge for the BVDW Guided Tours. In approx. 55 minutes, the tours of the trade fair cover various key topics. Learn more about AI/AI, Customer Journey, Digital Creativity and Digital Commerce from our experts in the selected Guided Tours..

Ask us all your questions as you end your tours at the denkwerk booth! Get to know us and share your know-how with us. Participation is limited to 25 visitors and will be supervised and led by a guide. You can register until 31.07. or make a personal appointment with us at DMEXCO and talk to us on site.

denkwerk at the BVDW Guided Tours

  • Tour 03 – AI

    Sandra Griffel-Ripperger (Experience Design Director) talks about the role of design for AI. She explains how AI is used to design for purpose and how interdisciplinary teams, in which designers act as facilitators and stimulators, create solutions in the design thinking process. Sandra introduces how designers provide a better understanding of the restrictions and functionalities of AI and how empathy is built in AI developers. She gives insights into our AI Thinking Framework and how we as a digital agency are already working with it.

    2023/09/20 - Start: 12:00 PM

  • Tour 05 – Digital Creativity

    Susanne Junglas (Experience Design Director) explains how digital creativity enriches the daily work in companies and which challenges design masters with it. She talks about "Igniting Digital Creativity: Transformation through Innovation". Susanne introduces the exciting world of digital creativity: This is where design and technology merge. How digital technologies – including AI – enable artists, designers and innovators to unleash their visions and bring them to life in immersive and interactive ways will be the focus of the talk.

    09/20/2023 – Start: 1:30 PM

  • Tour 09 – Digital Commerce

    Kaan Karaca (Chief Technology Officer) looks at digital commerce from a different angle. He gives tips for the best and smoothest results. In the presentation "Decoding Success: The Power of Customer Database Platforms (CDP) in E-Commerce", Kaan shows that all the puzzle pieces from the different systems and channels (CRM, portals, newsletters, etc.) reveal important info for a comprehensive 360-degree view.

    09/21/2023 – Start: 11:00 AM

  • Tour 12 – Customer Journey

    In this BVDW Guided Tour, Charlotte Block (Experience Design Director) talks about "The Customer Journey as a Central Instrument on the Way to Digital Maturity". In her talk, she reveals the central importance of the customer journey on the path to digital maturity. Learn how to define internal and external target groups, understand processes, identify potential areas and create a roadmap to achieve your digital goals.

    09/21/2023 – Start: 1:30 PM

  • All tours start at the BVDW booth.

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