A Big If – Two iF’s Actually

Awards: If iF then win 2! Prizes at the iF Design Award for denkwerk 2020

denkwerk was already the proud recipient of forty-seven iF DESIGN AWARDS, and now it has scooped its forty-eighth and forty-ninth titles for its redesign of the DeepL translation tool and the #neuschnupfen (Digitalizing Healthcare) campaign for the EAMSP.

DeepL is revolutionizing online translation. The translation system constantly improves and expands day after day through machine learning. The part we played in that was making an already first-rate translation tool even more first-rate with our redesign.

We developed a campaign called #neuschnupfen for the EAMSP. A portmanteau of the German words for “new” and “hay fever”, we gave a playful yet sufficiently serious name to the “allergic” reaction that happens with anything new – especially in this digital world. Our plan? To transform a widely shared view of “German apprehension” into “German curiosity”. Examples of this apprehension became colorful illustrations on social media as well as on billboards and a specially launched website.

The iF DESIGN AWARD, which has been given out for sixty-seven years now, is considered one of the world’s most significant design awards. That is precisely why we are so proud of each individual award. Our goal for 2021 is to follow up denkwerk’s forty-eighth and forty-ninth iF DESIGN AWARDS with a fiftieth – or perhaps even more?