Next Level Marketing: Rethinking platform strategies

"Measurable measures and structured processes are the cornerstone for successful conversion and customer loyalty. The key to the success of your marketing strategy lies in breaking down silos and seamlessly integrating solutions."

Kaan Karaca CTO at denkwerk

Our agenda speaks for itself – and your participation

The three keynote speeches will provide you with a visionary approach to the topic:

  • 1. "Targeted instead of aimless: a compass through the complexity of online marketing" – Kaan Karaca (CTO, denkwerk) will guide you through the complex environment of online marketing in his presentation and introduce relevant digital solutions for companies.

  • 2. "The Call to Simplify: Next Generation DXPs as a Lifeline for Marketing Teams" – Grégory Bécue (CGO, Ibexa) focuses on the benefits of integrating AI into DXPs, current architectural trends and how to reduce the pressure on marketing teams.

  • 3. "Adapt and Innovate: Transformative Strategies in Tech and Marketing" – Mathieu Strauch (Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Platform.sh) discusses the balance of SaaS tools versus custom development approaches.

William Rollin (Global Channel Sales Manager & Sales Management Romandy, Platform.sh), Grégory Bécue (CGO, Ibexa) and Kaan Karaca (CTO, denkwerk) will take an in-depth look at the topic of "Shaping the Future: How Companies Benefit From Innovative Platforms and Technologies in Marketing" in a panel discussion followed by a Q&A session.

The evening will be hosted by Chérine De Bruijn (CORPORATE KITCHEN).

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„Rethinking Platform Strategies is a crucial discussion point, given that Marketing and Digital teams are navigating unprecedented complexities […] for instance, the vast array of over 12.000 MarTech solutions.“

Grégory Bécue Chief Governance Officer at Ibexa

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This will be followed by a relaxed yet exciting networking round that invites you to exchange ideas with experts from business and technology.
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Notes on participation
Free accreditation is only possible via our online form. Start for the registration is October 2024. Please note that your data will be shared with our partners. The number of participants is limited and we look forward to your interest and an evening full of inspiring discussions and ideas - #createpositivechange!

Your contact person
If you have any questions about the event, please contact Kaan Karaca (CTO at denkwerk) by email.