Shopping experience for digital touchpoints

ESPRIT fashion can be bought in over 30 countries around the world. The international fashion group pursues a clear philosophy: authenticity, cohesion, and colorful joie de vivre. A philosophy to which we have also realigned the digital touchpoints and the IT landscape around e-commerce. After the first successful live launch of, further country rollouts are now following.

We want to provide our online customers with a shopping experience tailored to their needs that also conveys the 'esprit' of our brand clearly and across all channels. That's a big task that has to be solved in terms of both design and technology.

Robert Schmidt Head of B2C Commerce & Store Applications at Esprit Europe GmbH

For a consistent design and to enhance the individual customer experience, the user experience (UX) was optimized and a visual design was developed using an improved and company-wide design system.

For more efficient maintenance of the digital channels, we integrated CoreMedia's Content Management System (CMS) – taking over both front-end and back-end work here. Content is now available to ESPRIT centrally, as is the ability to standardize processes. The various channels can now be integrated step by step.