A cell phone plan that doesn't take itself more seriously than it is.

A new brand enters the German Telco market with a radically simple approach: just one tariff, one price, one app and 100 % digital. Our job: to develop the brand and communications strategy.

The upside-down hourglass made a precise brand imperative. A brand that creates collective understanding and allows clear derivations for all further disciplines.

For the brand strategy foundation, denkwerk therefore worked with the brand story format. Because brand stories exploit how the human brain works best: With the help of stories. It was the nucleus for all further brand strategy derivations.
The result: a maximally functional brand that stands up to the obtrusiveness and complexity of the market.

From the original idea to the brand story in just a few weeks! denkwerk not only helped to develop the brand strategy basis for our new brand fraenk, they also exemplify enthusiasm and passion for our brand every day.

Katrin Thelen Brand & Communications Manager fraenk

What does a creative department make of this positioning? fraenk! Derived from the English "Be frank", the maximum reduction to the essentials was explained in just one word. And once the brand and name were in place, the bar was set for everything else. Tonality? Communication strategy? Design language? Be fraenk!

fraenk became the result of a radical dovetailing of strategy and creation. A one-word brand identity.

After the basic theory, it was time for implementation. The CI was formed, the product design was further developed and also the first brand campaign was implemented together with denkwerk.

From (D)OOH, Spotify ads, addressable TV and digital awareness formats to programmatic and social paid: being fraenk also means talking like fraenk – and so the brand got its very own Sprachæ. For maximum brand recall for the kick-off campaign.