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E-Commerce: The Motel One Website after Its Relaunch

Bookings increased significantly from just the first day after going live, showing that the combination of elegance and simplicity was indeed possible and, most importantly, was precisely the right way to go.


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We want to invite users to learn about the diverse world of Motel One and be enthused by it. We wanted the booking process to accommodate our guests’ wishes both intuitively and directly.

Ursula Schelle-Müller Chief Marketing Officer, Motel One
Motel One Relaunch: Motel One
Motel One Relaunch: design process

The business processes for the Motel One e-commerce platform had to be integrated into the Internet booking engine (IBE) when the website, booking process, and Internet booking engine were implemented.

To accomplish this, the processes were connected to the SOAP API in the SHIOT hotel management software produced by Gubse.

The Internet booking engine also provides the RESTful Web service, which integrated the booking process, website, and app.

High performance is ensured by a robust system architecture and the use of multiple micro services. These services meant that a loose coupling could be applied to the software architecture.

The guest-services hotline has noticed a significant decrease in queries since the relaunch. The result: significantly lower support costs.

Thanks to the support of denkwerk, we’ve successfully created a new, digital brand experience to match the real-life brand experience at our hotels.

Ursula Schelle-Müller Chief Marketing Officer, Motel One