The Successful Growth of a Community

Play smart: example of NicNac’s memes on Instagram
Play smart: example of NicNac’s memes on Instagram
The gamer market: NicNac’s on Instagram

By choosing Instagram, we opted for a platform atypical for the extremely sharp gamer market, which is increasingly active on Twitch, 9GAG, and so on. We would have been drowned out by all the big players on those platforms, but on Instagram we could stand out from the masses on just a small media budget.

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As we went about developing the memes, it was crucial for all stakeholders to have an exceptionally deep understanding of the audience. In partnership with Spandauer Inferno, a team cooperating with NicNac’s, we created a relevant mix of on-topic gaming news and content presented brilliantly with a strong visual identity. This meant that the resulting memes looked as if they’d come from the gamers themselves.