Development of a Sustainable Design System

Today we’re in a position to establish new products, services, and processes for our customers at a significantly faster pace, using interfaces that raise the bar.

Daniel Sechi Daniel Sechi, Head of department Digital Transformation, Santander Consumer Bank AG

We developed the design system together with Santander using a completely agile, user-centric approach. Along with our close teamwork, the core elements of the development process included mood boards with the ideas we gathered and design-thinking workshops. Complementing this was the performance of ongoing user-acceptance tests and checks on the approaches used. We were able to build on these results and develop a design system that could be used for both the website as well as the apps. At its center is the pattern library which contains all that’s required, from the individual atoms through to the full templates.

Digital transformation at Santander

The efficient process produced forms prepared according to their function – based on fintechs while drawing on the look and feel of Santander. Using the design system, we successfully realized the new online application sequences for bank accounts and credit cards extremely rapidly.


months until the MVP