Social Undistancing for Remote Teams

As simple as it is in theory, sometimes it’s hard to find the right question. That's why we shared our growing collection as early as 2017 via tscheck.in. The website has hundreds of users from all over the world each month and has opened or closed tens of thousands of meetings in a real team spirit.

In March 2020, the corona wave also swept across Germany, banishing not only us but millions of workers to their home offices. Truly a situation in which "social glue", personal exchange and check-ins with the team became more important than ever. But much more difficult, too.

That's why we have brought Tscheck to where teamwork takes place in times of social distancing - on Slack. With the command "/tscheck" you can post inspiring questions anywhere and anytime with just one click. As start or end of dailies, conference calls, of the week, etc.

Your team works with Slack, too? Then get the team app for virtual social undistancing right here.