Second-best agency in Europe at the Golden Award of Montreux

The ultimate limited edition and social campaigning: how the DKMS campaign was created
The ultimate limited edition and social campaigning: the DKMS campaign with Jérôme Boateng

Seven awards for five projects - and thus ranking as the second- best agency in Europe in the competition, the news from Switzerland could not be better: At the Golden Award of Montreux 2020, we won three gold medals and four finalist certificates. The crowning success is the fact that we - just 220 colleagues - were able to take a top position among European digital agencies in this way.

Our projects that received awards: DKMS "The Ultimate Limited Edition: Life" (Gold in the categories "Non Profit/Public Interest" and "Integrated Digital Multi-Platform Campaign"). Together with Jérôme Boateng, the campaign promoted DKMS registration sets.
Also awarded was, the redesign for the translation system DeepL (Gold in the "Interface & Navigation" category), which enables automatic translations in previously unknown quality through machine learning.

The four finalist certificates went to Play Smart (category "Social Media") for the targeted gamer approach and the development of a community for NicNac's. Bikespector (in the categories "Retail/Travel/Hotels/Tourism" and "Community Applications"), the world's first tool that combines bike- sharing with availability prediction. And "Online Booking faster than reading this" for Motel One and the developed One-Click-Book process (category: Interface & Navigation).

The Golden Award of Montreux recognizes excellence in advertising and marketing. The top-class jury evaluates competition entries in the main categories film, print, outdoor, digital, media, direct marketing, event/spatial communications and corporate film.