Design Business Days: How we strengthen brands with design systems!

"Design should be part of the development process of digital products from the very beginning to realize their full potential."

Christian Leuenhagen Design Director at denkwerk

Brand Design Systems: the approach of denkwerk

Design systems often entice with great promises of consistency and efficiency. In practical implementation however, there is always the danger that the most important thing falls by the wayside: the uniqueness – expressed through the power of good design – the character, the recognizability and desirability of the brand.

The denkwerk design teams have developed an approach that combines consistency, efficiency, and uniqueness uniqueness – and, with the new possibilities of brand design systems even more powerful results. True to our motto. #createpostivechange.

"Today, brand design can hardly be separated from the user experience and thus the product. If you want to be successful in the future, you absolutely have to bring these two perspectives together."

Florian Schimmer Executive Creative Director at denkwerk

denkwerk "on stage" at the Design Business Days

Sounds exciting? Florian and Christian will present our brand design approach at the Design Business Days. It starts at 3:40 pm. Tickets for the event in Hamburg or digital participation via LO:X are available now.

More about the Design Business Days in Hamburg

The Design Business Days are a joint event of the magazines PAGE and W&V. The Design Business Days will take place live and on-site in Hamburg.