Cross-media campaign

Doing good at the buzzer: Olivia Jones puts the crown on social lottery aidFIVE

Olivia Jones at the buzzer for aidFIVE - the first purely digital social lottery - on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg

The highlight of the digital social lottery

The highlight for the cross-media campaign's finale: an Instagram reel. Played out via @we_are_aidfive including accompanying videos on TikTok ( The idea behind the reel: Drag queen Olivia Jones surprises people in "her neighborhood" after shopping with the "very okay" buzzer and a lot of organic confetti: The rolled-out green carpet in front of the supermarket was the stage for Olivia Jones and at the same time the invitation to the young participants to buy a lottery ticket worth five euros directly at Olivia's side and then upload their own bill worth up to 5,000 euros. In this way, they do good and play along on site and in the digital world. Whether or not the purchase value is recovered becomes clear immediately after the upload - in any case, each ticket supports selected social projects.

The #sehrokay campaign on the Reeperbahn for aidFIVE - denkwerk

“Helping should become a natural part of everyday life. So we took our game concept to TV, social networks and also to the streets. We are delighted that Olivia Jones is crowning our first major campaign.”

David Agier Brand Lead at aidFIVE

Helping should become part of everyday life

The principle of helping at aidFIVE is simply explained:
1. register on
2. upload an invoice
3. buy a lottery ticket for five Euros
4. support social projects
5. secure the chance to win back the purchase value

This gives all participants the chance to win back the invoice amount they have submitted. At the same time they support social projects. Any kind of invoice up to an amount of 5,000 euros can be submitted: the new sneakers, the electricity bill or the weekly shopping. The bulk of the ticket amount goes to start-up funding for social projects throughout Germany that sustainably improve the lives of children and young people as well as people in need. You can apply for this funding here . The projects are selected with the participation of all participants, who must be at least 18 years old.

“As a non-profit limited liability company, aidFIVE combines two important human motivations: the prospect of making a profit and the good feeling of helping other people. With our campaign, we turn exactly that into a symbiosis that creates attention.”

Jochen Schlaier General Manager and CCO at denkwerk

About aidFIVE

aidFIVE is the first purely digital social lottery in Germany. Since August 2021, denkwerk has been responsible for brand development and the campaign, eg. the cross-media campaign with Olivia Jones. The social lottery aidFIVE is an official partner of the Deutsche Fernsehlotterie and, like the latter, a subsidiary of the Stiftung Deutsches Hilfswerk. aidFIVE turns invoices into tickets with good chances of winning. Every receipt from one cent to 5,000 euros that is photographed or scanned and then uploaded becomes a raffle ticket with which you can win back the value of your purchase. You find out immediately whether you have won. Participants play for the value of any purchase of up to 5,000 euros and can win it back with a little luck. The five-euro stake, which is always the same, is used to support innovative social projects throughout Germany. In this way, aidFIVE wants to enable younger people in particular to do good in their everyday lives. The brand and the concept around aidFIVE emerged from the brand story format for the holistic development of a brand strategy. More about the campaign and denkwerk's involvement can be found at
You can watch the Instagram Reel here.