Collaboration and Cooperation

Worldwide Focus on Usability: denkwerk Hosts World Usability Day

UX design and research: The importance of collaboration between designers, developers, and users to create user-centered solutions.

Accessibility: How collaboration between experts, governments, and organizations helps create accessible solutions for people with different abilities.

Societal change: how cooperation between different stakeholders can help improve usability in a changing society.

The lectures and workshops on "Collaboration and Cooperation"

| 2:00 pm | Welcome


| 2:15 pm | "UX x ROI – Convincing arguments for user-centered design" - Martin Beschnitt; eResult GmbH

| 2:45 pm | "A11y-ai: Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Empathy For a More Accessible Web" – Carla Polaczek and Paul van der Veen, denkwerk GmbH

| 3:15 pm | Coffee Break and Networking

| 3:45 pm | "Typical conflicts in the UX context and how you can counter them" – Katja Busch

| 4:15 pm | "Viewed in context" – Tim Schneider, Railslove GmbH

| 4:45 pm | Networking

(All presentations will be streamed via Zoom).

| From 6:00 pm | Invitation to the evening event "The Rendezvous – Cologne Agency Club (Kölner AgenturClub)".

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The Workshops

| 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm | "XAI: Cooperation across disciplines" – Till Koch, TH Köln

| 3:15 pm | Coffee Break and Networking

| 3:45 pm – 5:15 pm | "The Magic Triangle of Love - Designing New Communication & Interaction Techniques For Friends Over Distance" – Prof. Irma Lindt, Sabine Huschke and Dominik Deimel, TH Köln

Registration for the workshops will take place on site on the day of the event.

This is what the lectures and workshops are about

Lecture 1 - 2:15 pm

"UX x ROI – Convincing arguments for user-centered design" – Martin Beschnitt; eResult GmbH

If you want to design successful products nowadays, you can't avoid an anchoring of usability and user experience across products, projects and departments.
But how do you achieve this mindset in a team? And how do you convince management and other stakeholders that a high level of user experience and usability bring decisive competitive advantages? How do you motivate colleagues to gather customer feedback, conduct user research, and make human-centeredness an integral part of the development process as well as the corporate culture?

Martin Beschnitt places special emphasis on the actual feasibility and the necessary pragmatism in everyday business.

The audience learns to assess how mature the respective company or team already is in terms of usability & user experience and is put in a position to tackle the right things or create the framework conditions to bring the company's UX maturity to the next level.

Carl Polaczek and Paul van der Veen during WUD23 at denkwerk

Lecture 2 – 2:45 pm

„Using AI to Create Empathy For a More Accessible Web” – (Englisch) Carla Polaczek & Paul van der Veen, denkwerk GmbH

Designers, and society in general, are often stuck in our own filter bubbles, which can make it hard to empathize with people outside your bubble. In our talk we’ll dive into the topic of accessibility and explore how artificial intelligence can play a role in creating empathy building experiences.

We reflect on the design process of the development of an AI storytelling solution that allows users to check the accessibility of any website. Using a variety of AI generated content, technical reports are translated into understandable language. As a result, users get a better understanding of what these accessibility issues exactly are and what kind of impact they have.

Katja Busch speaks at WUD23 at denkwerk

Lecture 3 – 3:45 pm

"Typical conflicts in the UX context and how you can face them" – Katja Busch

Today's challenges like digitalization and other relevant transformations can only be solved with interdisciplinary teamwork. At the same time, collaboration in everyday CX/UX work is full of areas of tension and exhausting, often non-value-adding hurdles. This talk describes some typical project usability problems, conflict patterns and collaboration killers. It will help you to recognize them faster and deal with them appropriately with small and big UX hacks.

#cooperation #collaboration #UXmanagement #teamwork #UXskills #UXhacks

Tim Schneider joins WUD23 and give a lectures at denkwerk

Lecture 4 – 4:15 pm

"Viewed in context" - Tim Schneider, Railslove GmbH.

"You've all heard this before: you can't not communicate. It's very similar for digital products. You can't use them in a concrete context: At work, on the subway, at the beach, while shopping, on a bike, in the bathroom. What does that actually mean for the user experience? And how do you even describe contexts and work with them? Come along on the search for answers."

Till Koch joins WUD23 at denkwerk and gives a workshop.

Workshop 1 – 2:15 pm

"XAI: Cooperation across Disciplines" – Till Koch, TH Köln

Cooperation in the AI context: how can we identify "Explainability Needs" for AI systems?

After a short introduction to Explainable AI (XAI) in the context of UX, we are eager to hear about the challenges participants face in the XAI context. We will then present a toolkit. It is an approach how to support UX-ers to elaborate the needs of user:s in the XAI context. We will present a case study of how the toolkit can be used in the design process. Afterwards, we look forward to discussing with the participants what possibilities the toolkit offers.Kopieren

Prof. Irma Lindt (left), Sabine Huschke (right), Dominik Deimel (top) from TH Köln will hold a Workshop during WUD23 at denkwerk

Workshop 2 – 3:45 pm

"The Magic Triangle of Love - Designing New Communication & Interaction Techniques for Friends Over Distance" - Prof. Irma Lindt, Sabine Huschke, Dominik Deimel, TH Köln

After the welcome, we will start the workshop with a short lecture on friendships by Aristoteles zu Sternberg. Afterwards, we will collect information on whether and how the participants maintain friendships at a distance and what is conducive or obstructive in this process. In the main part of the workshop we will divide the participants into working groups in which they will explore paper prototypes they have brought with them and develop their own paper prototypes. Towards the end of the workshop, the working groups will present their prototypes to each other and we will give an outlook on the research project VREUNDE ('vriends').

We are looking forward to first-class speakers and experts from the industry and their insights and practical examples. We would like to thank the University of Applied Sciences Cologne as our cooperation partner for their great support.

All interested people, with or without knowledge in usability - from newbie to professional - are cordially invited to participate in the World Usability Day in Cologne. This event offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the field of user experience and to exchange ideas with experts and like-minded people.

Short Facts

  • Date: 09 November 2023

  • Time: 2 p.m.

  • Location: denkwerk GmbH, Vogelsanger Str. 66, 50823 Cologne-Ehrenfeld, Germany

  • Registration: via Eventbrite

We are looking forward to an exciting and informative event. Join us in shaping the World Usability Day in Cologne and make it our common experience.

For further information please contact the Orga-Team around Franziska Elf and Henning Schulz-Hage.

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About the World Usability Day

The World Usability Day is an annual event that takes place worldwide. The WUD has been held since 2005. The event is dedicated to promoting usability in (digital) products and services. Each year, expert presentations and workshops are held on a previously determined overall topic. For more information, please visit the German UPA website.